How To Stay Safe
The mosquitoes that enter through doors and windows hide behind the dark corners of curtains. Spray Kala HIT behind all your curtains every day.
When the lights go out, mosquitoes come out from underneath the bed and bite you. Spray Kala HIT under the bed every day to keep your family safe.
While you are comfortably sitting on your sofa and watching TV, there are mosquitoes hiding underneath it. Spray Kala HIT under your sofas every day to remain safe.
Mosquitoes hide around the dark corners of cupboards. Spray Kala HIT under your cupboards every day to remain safe.
Dispose solid waste.
Dengue Mosquitoes breed in clean water. Check water tanks, ACs and plants.
Wear long sleeved shirts, boots, socks and long pants to be safe from mosquito bites.
To prevent mosquito bites, use air conditioning if available. Mosquitoes prefer warm and hot environments and avoid the cold.
Don’t allow water stagnation.
Use bleaching powder in water sources to prevent the development of mosquito eggs.
Avoid strong perfumes, as mosquitoes are drawn towards strong smell.
Meet your doctor immediately if you have been in an area endemic to Dengue and you have any illness with fever that lasts for more than 2 days.
Spray Kala HIT in corners of the house everyday.